Havelock Slipway

Havelock Slipway is a traditional boatyard that is located at the head of the scenic Pelorus Sound. The area being famous for its Green Shell mussel industry. The slipways have been modernised over the last few years, being completed in 2017. All equipment and yard facilities have been upgraded, new waste water recovery system and concreting of the yard. New cradles have been constructed and helpful and competent staff make this boat yard the number one choice. Havelock Slipway is ideally situated to cater for your vessel's annual slipping and maintenance requirements, repaints, repairs or general refits and alterations. We service a diverse range of recreational vessels, mussel industry barges, general work vessels, fishing vessels and everything in between.  Maximum cradle capacity is 110 tons and barges 200 tons. So drop us a line to discuss your vessels servicing requirements.

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