Havelock Slipway has five cradles, running on three sets of rails. The steel cradles are designed to accommodate both monohulls and multihulls. We can slip vessels up to 120 tonnes. A specific engineering shed includes a range of welders, for steel, aluminium and stainless welding. As well as pipe benders, sheet metal folder, polishing wheels, plasma cutter and lathe covers most if not all the requirements for engineering. Another building is fitted out for wood working. All the necessary tools and machinery is available to tackle any job. A main shed is used for restoration, major alterations or painting.


There is a range of skills on site to service and repair most problems that arise. From qualified shipwrights, electrical engineers, marine engineers, cabinat makers, composite specialist and general all round marine repairers and service personal.

Preparing a vessel for haul out/slipping

It's good practice to have fuel and water tanks at a low level if possible. It reduces stress on the hull while out of water. And centralize any weight to ensure the vessel is level. Install plugs in basins etc., so no water may enter the cabin if the hull is to be waterblasted.