Havelock Slipway's present site and boat shed was established around the year 1928. It was established by the Johnson family, intially to service their own vessels. In the early 1970's, the site was converted for commercial operation, servicing vessels which continues to the present day. The "Boat Shed", uniquely located on the waterfront has had a few alterations over the years and was upgraded in 2010. The yard has had concrete laid to offer better working conditions and stop contamination of the enviroment. This has improved ease of access and offers a clean and tidy area to work on vessels. An adjacent section was purchased and an additional slipway installed in 2014.  This has added another cradle to enable five vessels for servicing or repairs at any given time.

Waste-water from waterblasting is caught in trenches and pumped to a holding tanks at top of property. When this tank becomes full, it activates a pump to force the discoloured water through a  filtration system which removes the micro paint particles and other contaminants . This is automated and filters are serviced weekly.