Marine Engineering

engineering, including lathe work, fabrication, welding, engine repowers


The paint on your vessel can equate to around 20 percent of your vessel's value. The paint life span increases with the correct care. This entails repairing any minor defects that may arise due to collisions and bumps and bruises. Sun exposure over time can oxidize your paint so that the luster is dull and chalky. Havelock Slipway can offer a complete polish to return the luster and shine to your vessel paint. If this fails to retore the paint it may be necessary to use a mild cutting compond. This is completed by waxing the vessel. Also stainless steel rails and plastic decals can be cleaned and coated. Polishing and waxing in most cases will rejuvenate your vessel paint works, giving back it's colour and shine. This has the added benefit of keeping the paint in prime condition, adding or holding value and extending the life of your paint.

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