Marine propeller and shafts servicing

Inspection, cleaning, maintenance and application of prop-speed

The propeller and shaft are an important parts of your vessels drive system and require to be in top condition to offer trouble free boating and fuel efficiently. Bent propeller blades will cause a vibration that stresses the drive system, bearings etc and can eventually cause failure. Here at Havelock Slipway we inspect the propeller and shaft for any damage or excessive wear to your cutless bearings. Any shaft anodes can be checked for wear and correct positioning on the drive shafts, this being as far forward as possible, or near to the cutless bearing. Any propellers with defects can be in most cases be repaired and rebalanced. New propellers should be "lapped to the shaft" using valve grinding paste to ensure the correct fit, the minimum being 75%. Shafts can also be bent through debris contact and these can be checked for alignment.

Prop Speed prevents marine growth bonding to Props, Shafts, Trim Tabs etc. 

Depending on the moored location and use, trim tabs, shafts and propellers can be prone to organic organisms and seaweeds attaching themselves to these surfaces. Here at Havelock Slipway if we encounter a vessel that has excessive attachments we recommend "Prop Speed", a silicone based covering that will keep your drive units free of weed growth and minimise drag from your propellar and shaft. Prop Speed is an environmentally safe product and does not contain copper, tin or any other toxic substances which may cause environmental pollution. Prop~Speed works because it is slick, and is not toxic.  Once applied it is very robust and not easy to remove. We have witnessed props that have had a history of annual marine growth complety clean after application of "Prop Speed" and after year in the water. Havelock Slipway is an approved applicator of Prop Speed and keep product in stock.

Propspeed is not recommended nor approved for use in aquaculture or contact with food products.