shipwright services

certified shipwrights for the correct care and attention to wooden vessels

It can be very annoying when arriving at Havelock Port, friends and refreshments on hand for an enjoyable weekend in the Marlborough Sounds when you turn the key to start your engine and the flat battery echo reverberates throughout the vessel. Not only is it a little embarrassing to your friends after informing them of how well your vessel performs, it is frustrating and time wasting, and avoidable.

Pre-Trip Service

Havelock Slipway offers a pre trip service. If you are coming for a period of boating and you would like to have your vessel inspected and checked then we can help.
Pre-Check consists of general check of the vessel, checking battery voltage, battery water levels, charging the batteries if necessary, engine and gearbox oil levels and visual check. The engine can then be started and run for a period of time to ensure all is operating efficiently. We also can attend to filling your vessels fuel/water tanks and stocking your vessel with groceries or beverages upon request. Low stress boating makes a more enjoyable excursion.

Post-Trip Service and Valet Service

After returning to Havelock Port after an enjoyable weekend, it is late in the day and you have some hours traveling to return home. The vessels a mess, snapper scales are stuck to the bulwarks and the cabin needs a good clean. Well relax, we can look after your mess and service requirements. You get back home safely and leave the rest to us. Post Trip we can remove rubbish, clean the cabin and windows, vacuum and complete an exterior wash. We check engine and oil levels and can top up the fuel/water tanks upon request.

We have a qualified skipper on hand who will attend to these services. She can also run your vessel on short trips upon request or deliver to another port.

Customers receive a report of the pre/post service.

Phone Wayne today to discuss your vessel servicing needs on 03 574 2476 or e-mail

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