vessel water and sand blasting

If your vessel is in the water for extended lengths of time, it is advisable to have the hull water blasted to remove sludge and barnacles, which helps to reduce fuel consumption. If your hull has organic or sludge attached this can increase fuel consumption by 5 % and more.

Water blasting

On site is a  3500-psi water blaster for general use. It removes organic and sludge material from hulls to help prepare the application of anti foul, or general clean. In addition, onsite are mobile 40,000 and a 6000 psi water blaster for those tougher applications. Some paint specifications require this higher pressure cleaning as part of the preparation process.

Sand Blasting

Havelock Slipway also have a commerical sandblaster. This is mobile. Abrasive blasting is the ideal solution to remove rust, scale and corrosion from metal surfaces. A  water injection attachment is fitted for different applications. For antifoul removel a solution is used to gently remove the antifoul to primers or bare hull. This technique is cost effective compared to the time spent scraping a complete hull bare.