Havelock Slipway have imported a few items that may be of interest to vessel owners.


Diesel Powered Fan Heater.           Keep that Cabin Warm

We have imported an electric start, diesel powered heater that is compact and efficient. These little heaters can be fitted inside the cabin and out of site. There is no diesel smell and exhaust fumes are plumbed through the hull. The heat is transfered via a pipe to a grill outlet positioned to blow hot air into the cabin. The units come in a 2kw or 5 kw size. The 2kw recommended up to  35-40ft vessels, depending on the size of the cabin.

The kits come complete to fit into a vessel, except for an exhaust skin fitting. Also depending on the distance to vent etc, extra minor items, brackets, transfer hoses etc. will most likely have to be purchased.

The kits are reasonably priced so give us a ring. We have the exhaust skin fittings made. We offer a 1 year warranty from date of purchase or with Havelock Slipway installation.



Electricity at your fingertips  LPG 3kva Generator, Electric Start

If you stay overnight its handy to have electricial power when you want. The kids can watch the videos, you have access to the toaster and jug and all the home comforts. And the ladies have the ability to use their hair dryers, very important when staying away out on the ocean.  Anyhow Havelock Slipway has imported 3.0kva generator sets that run on LPG. We wanted a generator that is free from hassle, without having to try and refill petrol on a rocking vessel. Its mesy and can be a little dangerous.  A diesel is the answer, but these units come in at around 150 kg, so they are heavy. The LPG is around 47 kg. Ideal for smaller vessels.

The units can be fitted in the deck hatches, or a small compartment could be built. Once mounted we connect the  generator to the main batteries so as to ensure the generator will always have power to start. Often small batteries can drain of their charge if not used often. Also an extra ingition is fitted to the dash to have ease of starting, so once the vessels is moored for the night it is simple to have access to instead electricial power. Just turn the dash key to start the generator and turn on your applainces. The fuel is tapped into your LPG tank and if it is necessary to change a tank, it is an easier option than having to try and refuel a petrol motor. These units are also very quiet. Gas can be dangerous and so detectors and a sealed drain would be fitted, to ensure complete safety in the unlikely event of a gas leak.

The units also can run on petrol, so an option is there to retain the petrol fuel tank and utilise this fuel source.

The kits are reasonabil priced so give us a phone.. 1 year warranty from date of purchase or Havelock Slipway installation.

This is for one electric 3.0kva generator set, LPG or Petrol fuel source.

Any construction, fitting of , plumbing and fixtures extra.