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professional boat repairs & marine maintenance


Havelock Slipway has five cradles, running on three sets of rails. The steel cradles are designed to accommodate both monohulls and multihulls. We can slip vessels up to 100 tons, and soon 120 tonnes, Autumn 2014.

The cradles are particularly designed to support vessels along the length of their keels and timber boat owners are grateful to have these facilities. Your vessel is well supported slipped on a rigid steel cradle, being slowly pulled from the ocean on a slipway.

One cradle is set aside for DIY customers that desire to work on their own vessel. Power and water is available.

For vessels that require that gentle touch, we attach to the cradle arms "Hull Friendly" materials to safe guard your vessels hull paint.

The Slips are often busy so we recommend making a booking early.

Preparing a Vessel for a Slipping

Havelock Port is tidal, so vessels are slipped on an incoming tide. When booked for a slipping check a few days before to ensure vessels are on schedule. Vessel departures at times are delayed due to weather or unforseen extra work. Check the tide and confirm the time with the slip-master.

To minimize the weight of your vessel, and hence the strain on its keel and structure, run down the fuel level in your tanks in the period leading up to the slipping date. Also drain freshwater tanks empty and discharge holding tanks.

If the hull is to be cleaned by water-blasting it is a good idea to leave all sea-cocks open to clean inside them, but to place plugs in sink drains etc and tape them in to avoid debris being blasted into the vessel.

If assistance is required maneuvering a vessel onto the cradle then mention this to the slip-master. A staff member will help. Staff are competent at bringing vessels onto the cradles. If you require further info e-mail or phone 03 5742476