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professional boat repairs & marine maintenance

what we can do


Havelock Slipway offer a range of services for you and your vessel.


Havelock Slipway has the facilities and equipment for vessel repairs, repairs to cabin, hull, structural, masks, keel, keels, rudder, fibreglass, bulworks, alterations, lengthing vessels, ribs, vessel ribs, replacing ribs, steaming wood etc.


Havelock Slipways offers Anti-foul application, Electrolysis and Annual Servicing. Anodes replaced, repairs and maintenance, painting, fibreglass, woodwork.


Havelock Slipway specializes in vessel painting, anti fouls and marine painting. Complete or part paint jobs


Havelock Slipway can polish and wax vessels. Cleaning, polishing, waxing, stainless cleaning, plastics cleaing.


Waterblasting hull, removel of marine growth, 6000 psi waterblaster, abrasive blasting, sand blasting, cleaing up rusted components.

props & shaft

The propeller and shaft are an important parts of your vessels drive system and require to be in top condition to offer trouble free boating and fuel efficiently.